A Complete Guide to Sexual Health

This second edition published 2012


This much awaited revised over 220 pages with illustrative images second edition of our popular ebook is out for downloads!

A Complete Guide to Sexual Healthis a highly recommended reading for everyone. Get your copy now at a special introductory minimum donation rate of £2.99 for all downloads..

It deals with sexual health conditions and treatments with illustrative images. A complete Guide to Sexual Health explains what the health conditions are, their symptoms, the possible causes, the treatments available and what you can do to prevent infections.

A complete Guide to Sexual Health fully explains, with illustrative images, the following subjects:

  1. Bacterial vaginosis
  2. Balanitis (Inflammation of the head of penis)
  3. Bartholin’s cyst
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Chlamydia
  6. Combined contraceptive pill
  7. Condoms (male and female)
  8. Contraception
  9. Contraceptive implants and injections
  10. Contraceptive patch
  11. Diaphragms and caps
  12. Emergency contraception
  13. Female sterilization
  14. Genital herpes
  15. Genital warts
  16. Gonorrhoea
  17. HIV and AIDS
  18. Intrauterine device (IUD)
  19. Intrauterine system (IUS)
  20. Male contraceptive pill
  21. Natural family planning
  22. Non-specific urethritis
  23. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  24. Premature ejaculation
  25. Progestogen-only pill
  26. Pubic lice
  27. Scabies
  28. Sexual health clinics
  29. Syphilis
  30. Thrush in Men
  31. Thrush in Women
  32. Trichomoniasis
  33. Vasectomy

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