Infected belly button

Infected belly button manifests itself in a number of ways, including discharge from the infection. The infection causes it to develop red- colour painful swelling. It may also produce a curd-like yellow or white puss secretion. Stinky or smelly discharge from belly button is a clear sign of infection.

Infected belly button is believed to be caused by some specific conditions, such as belly button piercing, fungal infection, yeast infection, ultraviolet rays and overweight. It produces pus within the navel which is discharged as smelly substance from it.

The inflamed or swelled red colour regions surrounding the infected belly button can be monitored by the affected person. However, the inflammation is capable of tormenting the affected individual with a throbbing pain or enormous inflammation whenever the area is touched or wiped.

The infected belly button produces a discharge, which the individual can experience over their underwear and clothes. It causes a throbbing pain, inflammation, reddish swelling and pus. These ought to draw the attention of the affected individuals. However, many people still remain unaware of belly button infection as the pain does not haunt them even in the least.

Symptoms of infected belly button

What will actually make some individuals aware of their infection happens to be the spewing foul or smelly white colour discharge. The stains of the spewing discharge stemming from the infection and foul smell will force the individuals to pay attention to their navel infection.

It is not only the navel affected by yeast or fungal infection. The vagina is also affected with such infection, discharging resultantly a smelly white colour substance. The problem of infected belly button can be shared with the doctor and so be treated effectively. But vaginal infection oftentimes is kept secret by the shy ladies due either to their period or bashful nature. However, hiding vaginal infection that cause itching, pain and smelly discharge, which often get much worse, put the affected women into more dangerous health situation.

The symptoms of infected belly button are redness, inflammation (swelling), and/or a yellowish discharge inside or around the belly button. If you have any of these infection symptoms then strictly adhere to following for no more than 3 days:

  • Do not pick or scratch the affected area,
  • Make sure you wash gently the affected area with salt water twice a day, and
  • After washing, carefully but thoroughly dry the area.

Observe the symptoms for the 3 days and see a doctor if the symptoms still remains. The doctor will investigate the root cause of the problem. If the doctor is satisfied that it is caused by an infection, he may prescribe a course of antibiotics treatment.

The infected belly button erupt red coloured painful surface, causes swelling and discharges cheese-like pulverized substance as well. This is a critical condition that can be treated provided detected on time.

We will focus our attention on causes and treatment for infected smelly belly button separately in other articles to follow: Causes of belly button infection

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